Princess Leia walking in NYC being harassed by dicks from all the galaxy

Someone made a Star Wars-themed parody of the catcall video that went viral last month and it's even better than the original: This one didn't edit out the white guys and left only blacks and latinos. Males from the galaxy far far away can all be creepy and gross regardless of race or affiliation—just like in this… »11/12/14 12:33am11/12/14 12:33am

Remembering Hedy Lamarr, the Hollywood Star Who Helped Make Wi-Fi

Inventor and actress Hedy Lamarr would be 100 years old today, which is a perfect excuse to celebrate her contributions to the field of wireless communications. Lamarr was best known in her lifetime for her job as an MGM film star in the 1930s and 1940s, often playing a smoky-eyed glamor girl. But her most impressive… »11/09/14 2:12pm11/09/14 2:12pm

Gold has been functionally useless for eons. Only through the quirks of its position on the periodic table was it able to gain its mythical status. And it has just been recently that we've been able to utilize its unique anti-corrosion and conductive properties for purposes other than lying around and looking shiny. »12/17/13 4:47pm12/17/13 4:47pm

Well, they had to do SOMETHING! I mean, the USSR had been gone for more than a decade, China simply wasn't behaving in a militarily aggressive way, and no one took the threat of Iran or North Korea seriously (more or less rightly). Military spending was in decline and it was increasingly hard to justify keeping it… »12/17/13 2:52pm12/17/13 2:52pm